Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Kickstarter - Advanced Fantasy Role-playing (oh boy!)

The Advanced Fantasy Role-playing Kickstarter is a fine example - of what NOT to do if you want your Kickstarter to be a success.

Seriously, let us count the ways:

1 - Sometimes no video is better than BAD video. The angle of the camera with the paneling close behind gives one the impression that the creator is laying on his back. And WTF is up with the neck cleavage? It's not like the top of the shirt is buttoned anyway.  And yes, the video is boring.

2 - No cover art. No banner. No nothing. The only images we get are the ones you screencap from the video.

3 - No art at all. Hasn't been commissioned yet. Now THAT is confidence in one's project. ;)

4 - No sample of the rules. Because of its Copywrite. We might just steal the ideas.

5 - No PDF. Mobi instead. Because one needs to protect their intellectual property.

6 - First created. Zero backed. It shows.

7 - Argue with backers in the comments section, tell them their feedback is trolling:
Who do you think you're trying to convince? Because the end effect is to discourage those who might be willing to contribute based on what is presented. So in that, you're no benefactor dispensing wisdom, you're a troll lobbing grenades from the safe anonymity of a computer screen.
As you see, in reaction to your negative comments, several backers have rescinded. I want to thank you so much for your untiring efforts to tank my Kickstarter project. I hope it gives you satisfaction that you were able to kill someone's dream. Well done. Sleep well tonight.
I apologize if it's not enough detail for you, but I will go forward with NO funding long before I expose our proprietary systems, methods, and rules before release. That's simply a non-starter.
I suspect he will go forward with no funding.

What is so wrong about wanting details of a project you are interested in backing? I'm guessing little is written at this point, therefore there is nothing to show potential backers.

Again, Kickstarter is not a magical money printing machine. If you put bullshit in, don't be surprised when you get shit in return,


  1. The only Fantasy Heartbreaker YOU need is BACK TO THE DUNGEON RPG only on DriveThruRPG! It's my failed project that finally came out about the same time that 5E was announced. It's the combination of the simplicity of 0E with the innovations of the D20 System! All the GMs I gathered to make a local gaming scene failed me in every way, the gaming community who said "It's not 5E or PFRPG", and my job schedule along with the hate and contempt of the universe itself upon me helped make me finally give up my project and dream.

  2. I just wanted to leave you a note and let you know that your blog has been added to my 2019 Great Blog Roll Call. I’ve reviewed over 450 RPG blogs on the list and you can check it out at the following link: https://dragonsneverforget.wordpress.com/2019/10/16/3063/

  3. If I thought for a moment it would fund I would be tempted to back it just to see it. Several of the statements he makes (such as: "you ability to hit doesn't depend just on your abilities but those of your target. This makes it harder to land hit rolls.") point to a sort of fundamental misunderstanding of how RPG systems work, others to how the legality of copyright and systems work, and I'm just really curious to see if anything he's got is in any way new or innovative. I dare say I'm even $25 curious.

    1. "you ability to hit doesn't depend just on your abilities but those of your target. This makes it harder to land hit rolls." So the target gets to dodge? This is the one aspect of RuneQuest and similar games that I never liked. The theft of victory. You succeeded but wait, they dodged, so you actually missed. The use of HP as dodge and fatigue is faster and more satisfying.

  4. Active parry in DSA (Das schwarze Auge, The Dark Eye) parlance.

    1. *shudders*

      Played that for years. My plaayers won't ever go back now that we're using a fast combat system like D&D.

  5. well at least he didn't sit on a couch with dirty socks.

  6. When I first read the title I thought that Chris Gonnerman was making an update to Basic Fantasy Role-Playing. I'm not usually a big fan of trademark disputes, but this guy was causing confusion in this consumer's head!

    In the end, I guess it didn't matter, as he cancelled the Kickstarter. Didn't even let it fail on it's own, but pulled the plug early.

    Good riddance, IMHO.


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