Monday, October 14, 2019

Indiegogo - Devil of the Murder Cliffs (S&W, PF1e and 5e)

Let's see, why should one back Devil of the Murder Cliffs?

Casey Christopherson is the author. Casy does AMAZING work and has done so for years. He is also awesome on a personal level. Fins him at a convention and share some drinks with him ;) Realy should need no other reason, but here, I'll give you more:
The Devil of Murder Cliffs pays homage to silver age pulp fantasy authors of the 1960’s and 70’s and has many plot twists and turns to keep the characters on their toes. It is written by RPG adventure design stalwart Casey W. Christofferson, author of City of Brass, Bard’s Gate and dozens of other products for various publishers over the last 18 years in the gaming industry. 
Within its cover you will find:
  • New creatures and magic items
  • A challenging man-hunt through bandit infested mountains
  • Supernatural foes
  • NPCs who may be allies or antagonists
  • Full-Color Map by Robert Altbaur
  • Interior art by Casey Christofferson, Josh Stewart, and Lloyd Metcalf
  • Brilliant cover art by newcomer phenomenon Adrian Landeros
The Devil of Murder Cliffs uses the same formula introduced in previous Indiegogo releases. These focused enhancements (stretch goals), improve the product as total funding increases with new art, extra written encounters, and digital play enhancing extra such as player handouts, NPC profiles, and interviews with creators.

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