Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kickstarter - The North Road - A Fantasy RPG Campaign BOOK and PDF (System Neutral)

Sometimes I look at a Kickstarter project and all I can think of is what an Administrative Judge said to me at my first traffic court appearance as a rookie. I wrote a ticket for someone that rolled through a stop sign. At court, I testified and the judge said "Officer, you are 'this close' to the gold ring. Review your testimony and give me the missing piece." I had no clue and the summons was dismissed.

The North Road - A Fantasy RPG Campaign BOOK and PDF is probably NOT going to fund. Which is a shame, because it's an interesting looking project. There are a few issues that I have with it.

  • The intro video is too damn long. Apparently, the guys behind the project are Youtubes, and the video is certainly well-produced, but no one who stumbles upon your Kickstarter page wants to watch an 8 minute plus video. Put it further down on the page. Keep the introduction to 90 seconds or less.
  • Page count. We don't know what the page count is. Sure, it may change with layout, but give us a ballpark number. It's part of how we, potential backers, decide on the potential value of your offering.
  • Pricing. 30 bucks for a PDF of unknown pages is steep. Hell, 30 bucks for any PDF seems steep. Softcover is 46, but if you want PDFs with that, it's 57. Normally, I prefer to see PDFs included with the Printed offering for free.
From the Risks and Challenges:

To avoid complexity we have kept this Kickstarter as simple as we can. All content, artwork and photography have already been completed. What remains is finalising the layout for the book and PDF. Most of the layout exists already for the PDF versions of each module, however, we will be reworking these for print (and adding some extra details).
You would think they could give an estimate on the number of pages. Awesome that it's already written. Not so awesome that you can't put a number to it.

Ah well. Not quite halfway to goal with less than half the funding period left. Maybe a cheaper option to just get the first few adventures in PDF could help. Or not.


  1. Did you ever learn what the missing piece of your testimony was?

  2. DMScotty's stuff on YouTube is awesome Tenkar, I think you would enjoy a lot of his crafting work/advice. Sadly that doesn't change any of the issues with the KS.

    I second Mr. Bernstein's question on the missing piece.. :)


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