Thursday, May 2, 2019

Joint Statement of BJ Hensley and Frog God Games

Offered without comment.

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Joint Statement of BJ Hensley and Frog God Games

Nearly two years ago, both BJ Hensley and Bill Webb attended Paizo Con 2017 representing their respective companies. On the first day of the convention, Bill Webb engaged in several inappropriate and unprofessional interactions with BJ Hensley. Since then, many third parties have commented, weighed in, and in some cases, exaggerated what happened. BJ Hensley and Frog God Games now jointly call for a cessation of attacks by all third parties on either/both BJ Hensley and Frog God Games.
In concert with this desire, both parties have agreed not to engage in any litigation against the other. Everyone involved simply wants resolution and peace. Both parties want this to be a teachable moment that does not further divide but encourages everyone to consider how they can improve their own behaviors and the behaviors of those around them.
Finally, both parties believe that all members, companies, and conventions involved in the tabletop gaming industry need to adhere to and actively promote a higher code of conduct that ensures respect, safety, and welcome spaces for each and every participant in the tabletop gaming hobby.
As a gesture of good faith Frog God Games will donate the charitable portion of one of their next charity bundles to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) in addition to an immediate donation to RAINN in the amount of $1,000.00.

Additional Note from Frog God Games

In light of this joint statement, we would like to reiterate our request to our fans that they not make attacks on BJ in any way. As noted above, there are people who have exaggerated her words for their own benefit, but she has repeatedly and publicly attempted to stop that escalation. She is not the wrongdoer, and we ask that everyone please keep this in mind.


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    1. The statement above acknowledges wrong doing, shows remorse and outlines a clear way to make amends. Both parties agree that the issue is in the past and resolved and now anyone who brings it up going forward does not have ANY support from any participants.

      We all know the third parties who are using this incident as a reason to wave their war banner, to push their own ideals, beliefs and failing 501(c) charities. All of those people involved are unemployed and/or financially exhausted and having a lawsuit against them would be trying to get blood from a rock. It would be near impossible to collect a dime from them if you won and the cost for legal counsel would be a waste.

  2. Sad to think this probably won’t be the end of it. Hopefully the spotlight can come off. :(

  3. It's midnight.
    I'm wearing sunglasses.
    I have 2 million bad ideas about orcs.
    Who wants to roll a D20?

    Let's play some games.


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