Sunday, January 6, 2019

State of the Tavern Keeper - Sweats, Fever and Fun Stuff - Not!

Last night Rach and I were finally catching up with The Man in the High Castle. We were midway through Season 3, Episode 9 (or 10) when that little voice inside me said: "time to hit pause and use the bathroom."

I might as well have paused for an hour of my life. Food poisoning or harsh but quick stomach bug, I know not which, but I spent an hour with a pot in front of me, my insides leaving from behind me, and the worse case of sweats since I had cancer back in 2006. I literally don't remember most of the hour I lost, except for Rach sponging me down like some child with a 104 fever. And then it passed. Simple as that. Hell, once I dried off it was like nothing had happened. Except for the lethargy.

Seriously. We watched the end of Episode 9 and then finished with Episode 10, with me snuggling into Rach like a cat. Needless to say, my ass has been dragging since then. I feel like I was run over by a truck. My ass is DRAGGING. My energy is lacking and I've been a cranky fucker most of the day but especially this morning - just ask Pexx - or Rach ;)

Anyhow, with any luck, I'll get a podcast out in a bit. If I don't pass out first.


  1. Running to the restroom, not knowing if you're going to upchuck or dumptruck, IS THE FUNNEST.

  2. Can confirm the crankies, all good though we all have our days and then some. I hope you feel better though we got a busy year ahead of us *evil cackle*.


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