Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gareth Sharka Rings in the New Year - Pretty Much Like the Last Seven Years - Far West is STILL Not Released

Ah, Gareth. What a man, really. Or is it: "What? A man? Really?" Gareth has a blog post to ring in 2019. Here are the relevant parts:

So now we know exactly which books to NOT purchase. Sorry Gareth, but SEVEN FUCKING YEARS is a bit too long for being late. I'd call it a "failed to complete" at this point. But you won't own your failure, because you are banking on the idea that empty promises will keep legal threats from your door. Gareth, meet Ken.

And look. He promises to get it "out the door this year." What a fucking joke. When you don't respect your customers and backers enough, to be honest with them, why should they accept anything that comes out of you as truth.

But hey, how did you wrap up 2016? (I don't see a 2017 wrap up - I suspect his depression / Twitter obsession distracted him)

And yet, two years - 24 months AFTER this post, we still aint got shit.

Well, what about 2015?

Ah, that looks like a promise to complete the project. 36 months ago...

How about the end of 2014?

49 months ago. Pretty good on talk. Empty on promises though.


  1. I suspect we're not going to lose our minds over any releases you put out, Con Man Gareth.

    And I, for one, certainly won't *buy* any of your releases.

  2. Every time I see one of these I remind myself never to do a kickstarter before finishing the product.

  3. I'm calling it....

    This is the year he catches leprosy.

    1. Luckily that’s treatable with antibiotics these days. No excuses! :)

  4. It's worth noting that some of his 2018 "professional accomplishments" were shadily done under an alias (Michael Brophy), as plenty of folks swore off buying any future GMS-penned products.

    Even worse, some companies "accidentally" left his name off of production credits.

    The Kicksnarker G+ community, and this link at BGG (https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1999641/i-will-no-longer-buy-anything-modiphius) have more details.

  5. I'll repeat what I said before: it MIGHT get finished, IF that Eric guy is actually writing it for him rather than "helping with layout". And IF he doesn't get sick of the whole thing and bail.

    If Skarka is really still writing it himself (or more accurately, NOT writing it) - forget about it.

  6. The ultimate insult here would be if someone else wrote a game called Far West and released it, thus taking the copyright/trademark away.

    1. or kiskstarts the same thing...

    2. I could be wrong, but I am guessing that putting the anthology of short stories out would have already got him the trademark/copyright unless he didn't file for them.

  7. those are some pretty major releases to be working on, which no doubt demand some time and effort.

    None of which, it appears (though I could be wrong in all fairness) were affected or appear to have been delayed by GMS' personal issues. Just Far West.


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