Thursday, December 27, 2018

Kickstarter - Deck of Wonder: After Dark - 100 NSFW Random Spell Effects

Its been a bit since I've simply searched Kickstarter for interesting projects. This afternoon, that's exactly what I did :)

The Deck of Wonder: After Dark - 100 NSFW Random Spell Effects Kickstarter is an interesting beast. You can grab a blank deck of 50 cards to create your own deck - but that could be done just as easily with index cards or simply typing out a table, and that would save you the 10 bucks plus shipping. Then there is the original Deck of Wonder. I didn't catch it when it was a Kickstarter, but you can grab it for 20 bucks.

No, what I think is a more interesting option is the deck of 100 Not Safe for Work cards for 20 bucks. This will be where this project hits or misses. Somehow, with the groups I've played with,  I suspect this would be a hit ;)

For use with Pathfinder and 5e, but I suspect it would work well with any OSR game.

Eight days left to fund and

I'd rule these cards can be the only ones at the table if they were in use, but that's just me.

Eight days left to fund.

They've hit a few stretch goals too. I prefer it when my games don't take themselves too seriously...

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