Saturday, December 29, 2018

Wayward Kickstarter - Yarr! The Pirate ArrPG Hardcover : Make 100 Edition

I hate having to write Wayward Kickstarter posts, because it means a Kickstarter I likely backed and shared, has reached a point where it is possible it won't fulfill. Today, that Wayward Kickstarter post is about Yarr! The Pirate ArrPG Hardcover : Make 100 Edition.

I backed for $25

Its 15 months late. The last update, back in September was mostly to pimp a friend's Kickstarter. The relevant part of the update is here:

Here are my concerns:
  • It was due in September of 2017 and was merely an update and rewrite of an existing Yarr! RPG. Such shouldn't have a 15-month delay. (Quote from the KS page - I'm feeling inspired by the Make100 initiative to revisit and improve Yarr! THE Rules Light Pirate RPG in a special collector's edition. This hardcover printing will be about 6x9 inches and around 96 pages, collecting and improving all existing Yarr! products to date, possibly with input from me fellow Sea dogs!
  • Offers by the community to edit and assist with layout have gone unanswered.)
  • Lack of updates is vexing. Truly. Its almost like he is willfully ignoring the community that backed this project.
  • Bill is having "legal issues". This leads to me worrying about the funds being available to print. Because "money" is the first victim of "legal issues."
  • A year ago - December 28th, 2017, Bill apologized for offering a litany of excuses for why the project was late. It's been a year and the excuses are just getting longer.

Do I expect it to fulfill? God only knows...

How many have asked me to cover Yarr! and it's waywardness? Many.

edit - added link :)


  1. Yup, I'm in the same boat at the same pledge level. I thought it was a no-brainer update of an existing book. Then came the excuses and crises and then...silence. Sad.

  2. Me too. $25 level. I've backed 20-12 Kickstarters and never had a one go unfulfilled. Guess I was due ..


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