Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Huge Amazon Sale on D&D 5e - Get Some Stocking Stuffers (Stone Giant Sized Stockings ;)

Yep, Amazon has a huge sale on D&D 5e books, with coupons and sales that stack. This list was compiled by Sean Fannon over at ComicBooks.com, so if you want to put some coins in Sean's pocket, follow this link:  https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/12/17/dungeons-and-dragons-book-mega-sale/?fbclid=IwAR0a4ty_JSBkhTnxyXp0iBN-8dojlmerFUu9u_1N56dyCJkjtSsBk14tPZI

The following links will put coins in The Tavern's coffers (Sale ends Dec 21st):

1. Player's Handbook: $17.74 with GIFTBOOK18

2. Dungeon Master's Guide: $13.85 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

3. Monster Manual: $14.02 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

4. Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: $11.97 (it is eligible for GIFTBOOK18 if the total book purchase is over $20)

5. Xanathar's Guide to Everything: $13.67 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

6. Waterdeep Dragon Heist: $13.98 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

7. Dungeon of the Mad Mage: $23.28 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

8. Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica: $14.02 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

9. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes: $14.02 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

10. Volo's Guide to Monsters: $13.85 with GIFTBOOK18 and 10% coupon

11. Art & Arcana Special Edition: $68.23 with GIFTBOOK18 (we've seen better deals on this one - might be best to wait)

12. Art & Arcana Standard Edition: $25.87 with GIFTBOOK18

Shit, at these prices I might NEED a D&D 5e collection...

Remember, purchases made on links via this page go to support The Tavern. Keep the lights on and the taps flowwing with your help :)

1 comment:

  1. Do note that you only get the GIFTBOOK18 $5 discount on one product, so if you buy multiple they will be more expensive than listed above.


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