Saturday, December 22, 2018

Far West - Coming in 2019 - Maybe?

I know. I know. There are a handful of "Leave Garth Alone!" folks out there in the wilds. "Just let the man work in peace!" Sorry, fuck that noise. This shit was due back in December of 2011.

Now, here I sit, seven years later and 150 bucks poorer, and guess what?

Gareth is, if nothing else, consistent in his lateness and excuses.


  1. Layout began years ago. He even screenshotted the layout from his pc. How do you go backwards from there?

    he even had, according to him, all but 3 chapters finished. Now he's redesigned the game and has delivered only a handful of chapters.

    This is insanity

  2. Does he have any pets that haven't died yet?


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