Thursday, November 29, 2018

Three Years Ago Today, The Tavern's Facebook Group was Formed

Three years ago today I created the Tenkar's Tavern Facebook Group. I had just started digging into the Gygax Memorial Fund and was getting heavy pushback from Gail Gygax because of such. I thought it might be nice to have a place to discuss blog posts (from all gaming sources) and events that related to tabletop gaming and geekdom that was directly tied to a blog post. I also wanted to give the community that had formed around the Tenkar's Tavern blog a place to hang out and communicate with others. 

I was gratified to see "Taverners" embrace the new group as quickly as they did. I am floored to see how much it has grown over those three years. Over 2,200 members, with more joining every week.

Over the years, The Tavern has seen a strong, vibrant community grow around it. Our Facebook Group is a huge part of that.

Thank you.
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