Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Almost Complete List of OSR Christmas Gifts 2018

Holy shit! We have an amazing list of gift givers and gifts. The gifts list is literally going to need a day or more to fully put together, but here is a quick list as of this moment:
  • Far Away Lands - PDF Bundles
  • OSR Patches - Multiple sets - some shipping worldwide
  • World War II: Operation WhiteBox adventure "The Argentine Connection" - PDF copies
  • Castle of the Mad Archmage and all the expansions (Level 3 East, Musicland, and Bitterbark's Circus - in Print)
  • Lord of Suttham Oldfeld bundle for The Midderlands shipped anywhere in the world
  • Daily PDF giveaway of the Midderlands
  • Print copy of For Coin & Blood, Eorathril, and Print copy of Fallen Justice anywhere in the world.
  • ZWEIHÄNDER Complete Digital Bundle (all 13 digital products)
  • 3 PDF’s of the Sunken City Omnibus (DCC RPG)
  • ALL Frog God Games Swords & Wizardry releases in digital format (that they can account for) in a bundle for 1 person
  • Some Frog God Games Print products signed by Bill Webb (shipped by me)
  • Outdoor Encounter Cards and Dungeon Challenge Cards- in Print (from Phil Reed, shipped by me)
  • 4 Class Compendium PDFs, 4 White Star Galaxy Edition PDFs, 4 The Hero's Journey PDFs
  • Random Gaming Material from a Taverner's Gaming Collection
  • Random Shit from the Tenkar Game Collection - at least three Priority Mail boxes of stuff
  • 6 copies of Dragon Heresy in Print
  • 2 copies Undying Orb in Print
Note - stuff I'm shipping MAY not ship until after Christmas. I've found a hidden and forgotten post office here in Queens, so I do hope to ship before Christmas, but it may get swamped. Time will tell.

I may have missed a gift package or two. Not everyone used email to notify me, so if you offered and weren't mentioned above, or if you want to gift, email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing with the subject OSR Christmas and the details of what you are gifting, and I'll put you on OSR Santa's Good List ;)


  1. I am rather intrigued by the "Random Shit from the Tenkar Game Collection - at least three Priority Mail boxes of stuff" portion of all this...

  2. Can I add six copies of Dragon Heresy to the pot? One every other day? USA only cause shipping.


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