Monday, November 26, 2018

Kickstarter - More Sci-Fi content Add-Ons for MapForge map-making software

I love making maps for RPGs. I lack the artistic talent to draw decent looking maps by hand. Programs like Mapforge put virtual talent into the users' hands.

The More Sci-Fi content Add-Ons for MapForge map-making software Kickstarter is what it says on the tin - an attempt to fund sci-fi assets for the Mapforge software. It's also an opportunity for those that missed last year's MapForge Kickstarter to pick up the MapForge software and still help fund the sci-fi assets.

MapForge is a full-color battle map mapping program from BattleGrounds Games, publisher of one of the longest-running VTTs on the market.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up, Erik!

    I just wanted to let people know that there are preview pics and/or videos in each of the three campaign Updates, in case they want a better look at the artwork. And also to mention that if this campaign funds (as seems very likely) everyone will get a free sci-fi Add-On (the 11th free content Add-On for MapForge).


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