Sunday, November 11, 2018

GameHole Con has Come to a Successful Completion. Long Live GameHole Con!

Hey! Looks like I made it into a picture ;)

Tonight is the photo dump post. I have three of the artists from Artists Row included. Give them business. They are all damn good.

Tom and Rach working the Frog God table
Can I have this on my wall, please?!?
Pacesetter Games and two generations of Barsh
Jason Braun
Terry Pavlet (Frog God Artist)

Doug Kovacs
Regular posting returns tomorrow night...


  1. The snazzy dressed fellow in the middle has played in 2 of my Alpha Blue convention games. Once at Gary Con and then again at Game Hole Con.

  2. Hey, Tom ran a game I played in. A twisted scenario leaving ... No Rest for the Weary.


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