Saturday, November 17, 2018

#ConManKen - Tell me a Story, Tell me Some Lies - Two Stores Now - One for Debt and One for Assets Perhaps?

We all knew Ken would make an appearance somewhere. It seems Ken is separating his business into two entities with a shared stock of comics and games.

I was then sent this:
Just for clarification, I Jess Hunter separated my brick and mortar store (211 Games & Comics, LLC) and my online store (little monsters entertainment, LLC) into two entities in case I ever decide to sale off one of my business. But let me reassure you we are doing well and that is just a growing issue, not a going out if business issue. 🙂
See you on line, or maybe at my new store!
Look at the typos - pure Kenny.

Pure genius - let one company take all the debt and give the other company all of the assets.

#ConManKen - always working the angles.

So, who trashed the prior location?


  1. How long before Kenny's new "girlfreind" begins screaming that he ripped her off, maxed out her credit cards, and left her holding the bag?

  2. I think... Is he trying to scam himself, now?

    Oh, and nothing says it isn't really the person speaking like "It is I, So and So".

  3. Is Jess Hunter just Ken in a dress?

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0qNmd9kASw

  4. Should probably keep our insults to Ken and the people he might be bilking

    1. Thanks for the advice, but I'll continue to malign his asshole enablers like Marcus King as well.

  5. Are you guys libleing Jess Hunters Business?

    The laws protect you from me, but I think she needs to see her county attorney.

    Ooo... Rhonda's local. And Richard is a new made-up account so someone can talk to themselves and make it look like more people care.

    Lol. So sad. Sigh

    1. how's my pencil dice and traveller models coming there kenny boy? You have time to post in forums but not churn out 80k pencils? Lol. So Sad. Sigh.

    2. It's "libeling" Kenny.

      Pencil dice Kenny. Pencil dice. Remember, the foil ones you are cranking out by hand? When do you start shipping?

      People want to know :)

    3. ...and here's Kenny, threatening to sick 'the law' on people for everything he doesn't like.

      Where's my refund?


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