Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kickstarter - Hall of Judgment - a Dungeon Fantasy RPG Supplement (GURPS)

I've liked GURPS ever since I found the Man to Man rules and the Orcslayer supplement back in my early days of gaming. The support material is top notch and I've used it with other RPGs. That says a lot about the system.

Dungeon Fantasy is the Boxed Set RPG about dungeon crawling powered by GURPS. I really need to find a group that plays it at some point as I'd love to get my dungeon crawl on with the GURPS engine.

Which brings up to the Hall of Judgment - a Dungeon Fantasy RPG Supplement Kickstarter. Its a conversion of an adventure originally published for 5e and now available in a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy version.

  • Hall of Judgment is a micro-setting and scenario for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (Powered by GURPS)
  • It features non-linear adventuring for 4-6 250-point characters
  • Explore a Viking-flavored world trekking through cold, harsh mountains, facing dangerous fae, and searching for a lost holy place, and the priceless relics within
  • Easily portable and usable with any GURPS Fantasy campaign

I'm pretty stoked.

It's also a licensed third party publisher release for GURPS, licensed by Steve Jackson Games. That's a big deal, as usually, its SJG snagging a license (Discworld anyone?) This could be big going forward.

Hall of Judgment is published by Gaming Ballistic. The man behind GB is Douglas Cole. I've known Doug for a number of years and he used to play in my B-Team Roll20 sessions. Doug is an excellent project manager and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result of his current project. This is not Doug's first Kickstarter (but even his first went extremely smooth) Chat Doug up in a Wednesday Night chat session on The Tavern's Discord Server and use him as a resource if you are thinking of Kickstarting a project. Don't worry - Doug won't mind ;)

PDF only is 10 bucks, Print plus PDF is 30 bucks (shipping will be added later). I'm in for 30 myself.

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  1. Thanks, Erik! And as you note, I'm always happy to chat about gaming stuff and gaming publishing. Making good content is hard enough as it is, as is writing it well. Don't need the extra burden of arcane printing knowledge.


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