Saturday, January 13, 2018

OldSchool Counterpoint - Benoist and I are Looking for Topics

Yesterday's OldSchool Counterpoint LiveStream went very well. Benoist and I are going to make it a fairly regular "thing" - we had a fun time and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

So, we need topics.

Some suggestions that have been made thus far are:

Gnomes - yeay or nay
Variable weapon damage or not
Level Drain

Add your ideas to the mix. Comment below. If we use yours, we'll give you credit on the Livestream ;)


  1. A few ideas: individual versus group initiative. Order of combat round. Abstract combat versus simulationist combat, and gold standard versus silver standard.

    1. Initiative and how best to adjudicate turn order is always a good topic, yup. I love my 5e games but I still worry about combat turning slow.

  2. 1. What is more pure? 3D6 in order or 4D6 (-1L).

    2. Roll for Hit Points at first level and keep what you get.

    More later.

  3. How about why do we old schoolers fight amongst ourselves so much?? :)
    Or dem-human level limits. ;)

  4. 3. Class and Race Level limits? Who actually used them?

    4. Save or Die?

    5. Old School Renaissance Simplicity vs Modern Rules.

  5. No, not the Gnome Wars, not again.

  6. Not all monsters who wander are lost.thoughts on factions and resetting between adventures.

  7. Let's try:

    Hirelings. Playing multiple PCs at once. PC death. Not giving names or traits to PCs in the first few levels. Barely using your character sheet. Customizing PCs with few "parts". Skill systems. XP for gold vs XP for monsters. "Unbalanced" PCs. Morale. "Story" in OS games. What are the upsides of using a retroclone instead of the original rules? Saving throws - 5, 6, 3, 1, or none?

    ... and that is what I got for now.

    1. Use of Henchmen/Retainers (player & GM side) is a good one.

  8. half-things -- cross / mix breeds; their sometimes vile conception (half orcs) and how far does ot all go...1/3rds? 1/4s? or does one species type override any further fractioning?
    Also, bothering with half anything else? dwarf/gnomes, dwarf/orc? (self hatred anyone)
    Is mixing worth the trouble in old school?
    What can it look like to k.i.s.s. with regards to half things?

  9. Level limits, THACO or ascending AC, sandbox vs storyline, death at zero or negative.

  10. Replies
    1. The Hero's Brew is still going to happen. However, over the past six weeks or so, I've had a series of unfortunate events that have left me displaced from my home - thus preventing us from recording.

  11. Old School D&D as the Tabula Rasa with which you can play anything, from space opera (White Star, Stars Without Number) to political monstering (I just started a Council of Wyrms 2e game).

    Or else Megadungeons and how they support infinite Gygaxian-Arnesonian play. :)


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