Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kickstarter - Tome of Horrors: Reborn for Fifth Edition (Frog God Games)

If you are a 5e gamer - DM or player - this is probably a book you don't want to miss. Tome of Horrors: Reborn for Fifth Edition. I have the Swords & Wizardry edition and it is awesome. Heck, I'm tempted to grab the 5e version with all the new color art simply for the art.

Or I can get a set of Tokens of Horrors. What's that? That is this (punch out printed tokens and VTT versions):

At least 200 tokens. 20 bucks for the VTT and 40 for the punch out type AND VTT version. I think I'm in for tokens. Shit. They simply are system neutral.

What? You want pricing on the actual book? Hardcopy starts at $50 (and includes the PDF) That's a damn fair price for a Frog God book.

Damn it. Why the hell am I jonesing for tokens. I'll actually need to start using them ;)
Frog God Games' wants to unleash the next iteration of its iconic Tome of Horrors series for 5th Edition . Hordes of sinister adversaries, restless dead, and other horrific monstrosities to gleefully challenge your players' expectations. Bursting with hundreds of creatures, new additions as well as converted classics, in a library-bound and stitched full color volume, the next Tome of Horrors will be a must have for your 5th edition campaign.    
Everybody needs more monsters.  

These days I swim in the Frog God pond. They publish and distribute for free Swords & Wizardry Light and allow me to work the booth at cons. I work for a warm bed and three hots at cons- and beer. And yes, I'm definitely backing for the tokens ;)


  1. Pledged, though it seems a bit of a Fifth Edition Foes retread.

  2. "Hardcopy starts at $50 (and includes the PDF) That's a damn fair price for a Frog God book."

    Based on their latest update on the Kickstarter, this isn't a complete ToH. It's the start in a series, and there is only a fraction of the total monsters from the original book (115 creatures). But it's also really weird. A lot of the creatures on their list are already in the 5E Monster Manual. Griffons? Werewolves? Why am I paying for those when I already paid $50 for a monster book that included them?

    I think something is seriously wrong with the way they're presenting the contents. Since you "swim in their pond" perhaps you could ask for clarification?

  3. The creatures in the list are ones with completed artwork, not all of those will be in the Tome of Horrors in the format as written (some are shorthand, a few are also going to be upcoming SW only ones)...the lists for new and other updates are coming in the next week or so...I hope that helps

    1. I would like a definitive list of which creatures will be presented in standard 5th edition monster format.

      Also, why are some creatures that are already statted for 5th edition apparently on the list?


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