Thursday, August 24, 2017

Organized Discord at The Tavern - Adding Channels and Members, Oh My!

Last night I announced the creation of the Tenkar's Live Chat Discord Server. Over the last 12 hours we've added nearly 30 members.

We've added Voice Channels for pick up games, so if you normally use Google Hangouts or Skype for you game sessions you might want to try Discord. Sound quality is aces.

Open Bar is the main voice channel. I'll be hosting it on Wednesday nights from 10 PM Eastern until whenever. I'll also pop in and be available for chat random times and days. If you see my icon in the Open Bar, I'm probably available.

As for Text Channels, when you log in you'll land in General. We have a channel for SWL questions, one for Tavern updates and an Ask Your Tavernkeeper channel. Oh, and of course, Requests for those of you that have requests.

As always, this is your community. Let me know what can be done to improve it and most of all, have fun,

Want an invite to The Tavern's Discord Community? The link is below.


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