Tuesday, August 22, 2017

GoFundMe - Braille Printer for Visually Impaired Gamers

I don't know why this hasn't been thought up by the RPG community in the past. The GoFundMe is to buy a braille printer to be able to supply converted RPG material AT COST to visually impaired gamers.

In the video, they use The Black Hack as a sample book to convert, so the OSR is certainly part of this.

For those that don't know, Rach is legally blind. For her, large print (or digital with zoom) is the way to go but we are both very passionate about getting books into the hands of the visual impaired and I think this project is awesome

Their goal is $1,800 to purchase the printer and they are about half way there.

It's a good project to back IMHO with goals we all should be supporting.
Thanks you so much for taking a look at our fundraiser. The DOTS Tabletop Roleplaying Gaming Project is devoted to raising awareness in the gaming community for the need for accessible gaming books and gaming aids for the visually impaired community. 
I am attempting to raise $1,800 ($1,500 for the printer $300 to cover funding fees, sales taxes, and shipping) to fund the purchase a braille embossing printer to be able to produce braille materials for visually impaired gamers. Additionally, the printer comes with a full suite of braille translation and tactile graphic design software. 
Currently the printer is on sale with a $2,000 discount, and if we can purchase the printer in the next couple of weeks, the company will add in a second year warranty for free! So I have to raise the money quickly. 
The cost for outsourcing braille books is astronomical. For example, I just finished translating a roleplaying game into braille and tried outsourcing the printing of a few copies for my visually impaired friends to edit. The companies wanted over $200 for four copies of an 80 page book. With the printer I'm hoping to purchase, it would only cost $1.50 per book. 
Here's something esle exciting! This printer will print tactile graphics...imagine how exciting it would be for a visually impaire game master to be able to feel a dungeon map!

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  1. This touched my heart so much! Thank you guys for the support...when I get the chance, I'll shoot you a set of the braille dice I came up with (the 3D models were created by designers I commissioned).

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you! We're going to make the gaming industry aware of the need for accessible gaming aids for the visually impaired...that's what DOTS is all about :)

    ~ Jack Berberette


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