Monday, August 21, 2017

Have You Ever used a Solar Eclipse as a Plot Device in an Adventure / Campaign?

So, with today's eclipse over parts of the Continental U.S. today, it got me thinking - "who among us has used a solar eclipse as a plot device in an adventure / campaign?"

ry as hard as I might to remember, I don't ever recall using a solar - or even a lunar - eclipse as a plot device in gaming. That's a damn shame as there are so many superstitions associated with an eclipse.

Shit, simply think how much of the population might go blind by staring at an eclipsed sun and you could have numbing fear for the next time. That isnt even counting the "world is coming to an end" drama it often brought.

Have you used an eclipse as a plot device? Tell us if you have :)


  1. Not yet, but used eclipse superstition/myth as an inspiration for possible plot devices/effects in recent blog post: http://leicestersramble.blogspot.com/2017/08/rpg-blog-carnival-eclipse-magic.html

  2. Didn't use it myself, but took part in games that used it - twice, actually (one solar, one lunar). Plot twist: both were LARPs... it doesn't get much better than this. ;)

  3. Only once, but it was a rogue planet passing by with an imprisoned elder god at its core. Was a fun campaign.

  4. Comets are also heralds of doom, if you don't fancy eclipses (eclipsi?).

  5. Absolutely! My current D&D 5 game, Come Endless Darkness, is all about an eclipse covering the entire world. Was it caused by the Drow? Yuan-Ti? Orcus? No one knows yet.

  6. If it did cause mass blindness, you could have a Triffid scenario where the treants reveal their true colors. . .


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