Thursday, June 1, 2017

Great Tenkar's Crate Jimmy! We have Nearly a Dozen Publishers Interested in Jumping in The Crate

Yesterday was a day that went by in a whirl. By the time we got back to the hotel room I barely had the energy to put up a late night post. I was excited, as a couple of my friends in the industry were at the con early and expressed interest in having their products in the monthly Tenkar's Tavern Crate (of OSR Goodness)

Then I opened my tenkarsDOTtavern email, and saw the inquiries from other publishers. If the current OSR Extravaganza Sale at RPGNow is any indication of the potential strength of the OSR market, the emails I read have shown me this monthly box of OSR goodies will be filled with some of the best products an old school gamer would want to get their hands on.

If you emailed me about participating in Tenkar's Tavern Crate I have read your email. I'll try to respond later today and will forward your information on to those that do the real work behind the scenes.

Damn. I want to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming :)


  1. Fantastic! Congratulations, Erik & Team Tenkar!

  2. I meant to email you yesterday. Been so busy! I'm interested, though.

  3. Why is it $40? Genuinely curious. It's a whole ten bucks more than Mythoard or RPG Crate.


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