Monday, March 13, 2017

Torchlight - How the Genre Themed Issues Will Work (SWL)

Art Copyright Claudio Casini

I've been asked how the "genre themed" issues of Torchlight will work. This is the current game plan which I'm sure will get revised as we get closer to showtime.

  • Classes - will be designed as the optional classes in SWCL, meaning that the "crunch" will be defined with one or two tricks or gimmicks added to a core class. Class description will define the classes more than the crunch.
  • Settings - thought is a localized sandbox with location highlights and hooks. If we are looking at 8 or 10 pages of the issue for the genre hack, 4 of those pages should be setting and map.
  • Magic / Tech - Items unique to the setting
  • Monsters / Creatures / NPC - Because settings need their bad guys
  • Optional rules - If the setting has no magical healing, some non-magical healing needs to be included. If the setting is in space, space combat rules. All taking into account that the rules need to be "light"
Here's an example for a "Barbarian"class for a Swords & Sorcery type setting.
Barbarians. Natives. Berserkers. They are called many things, but nothing defines them more than their distaste for civilization and magic. Well, perhaps their loyalty to their friends and their enmity towards nearly everyone else. 
Fearless on the field of battle, many have been known to work themselves into a rage in combat, throwing themselves at their enemy with only one thought - death to their enemy. Sometimes, when all the enemies are vanquished, they have been known to turn on their friends. Nothing personal, you know, sometimes battle gets the best of everyone. 
- Barbarians may "enrage" once per day in battle. They will discard any shields and rush their enemy. For the next 5 rounds they are + 3 hit and + 3 damage. If there are no enemies left standing at the beginning of a round (within the 5 rounds) they must roll a Save (bonus of + 1 for Wisdom 15+) or attack a random ally at + 3 hit and + 3 damage until the 5 rounds have passed.
That's a quick peek. I'll be outlining the first few issues as the week goes on. Which theme or genre comes first will depend on what writes itself ;)

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