Tuesday, March 14, 2017

White Star and the White Star Companion go Pay What You Want - PDF & Print!

The gaming community just funded +James Spahn 's trip to NTRPG Con this June thanks to a GoFundMe set up by +James Shields . As a thank you to the community that has gifted James with the opportunity to be present when the Three Castles Award is announced (James was nominated this year) James is pricing White Star and the White Star Companion at PWYW pricing. There is no minimum price for the PDF but there is an "at cost" price for the print versions.

Here's what James posted in the NTRPG Con Facebook Community:
Je Shields was kind enough to start a GoFundMe in an effort to get me out to North Texas RPG Con this year. That in and of itself is an act of amazing generosity. What has been even more generous has been the fact that a plethora of folks from the OSR community chipped in and made it happen - and in less than four days! 
I kept silent during the funding, but wanted to now say "Thank You,." This whole experience has been quite humbling and has left me in shock at the kindness shown by everyone. 
So, I'd like to show some kindness in return. From this point forward both *_White Star*_ and the _*White Star Companion*_ will be set at a Pay-What-You-Want price. This includes PDF, Softcover, and Hardcover. For hardcover and softcover, you will still need to meet the cost to cover production - but that's it. I wanted to do this as a way to show a small measure of appreciation for all your kindness. 
So, I guess the only thing left to say is: I'll see you at North Texas RPG Con!
Thanks to +James Shields , +Pete Spahn , +Jacob Ross and everyone else that made this possible for James.

Because of the generosity of this community James is a winner no matter what.

Oh, and BTW. Because of you all, the first issue of the Torchlight Zine will be PWYW too. Well, PDF only. Print will be hand assembled and PWYW isn't feasible ;)


  1. I think he may want to check out Drivethru, no matter what I select, initially, it only suggests a payment of $6.87. Now I haven't actually hit the purchase button, so things may change then, but up front thats all it tells me.

  2. @Treebore just type in the price you want to pay... for the PDF you can choose $0 - whatever... and for the print versions the minimum is around $3 for softcover (not sure what the hardcover minimum is). The suggested price is the average others have paid for the item.


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