Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Is the Gygax Memorial Fund still Funded? Where is the Audit?

I woke up to phone calls and private messages in regards to +Tim Kask  's post on Facebook. "What do you know? What can you tell us? who are the sources?"

Well, I spoke with Tim a little while ago and he revealed to me, in confidence, one of his sources and exactly what was said. His source is certainly legit and honest, but would only have direct knowledge if Gail divulged directly or if the source had access to "the books". While the first is certainly a possibly the second is unlikely - hell, I'm still waiting on the Magical Mystery Audit that was promised last April.

If Gail would like to communicate with me directly to explain this current supposition I am all ears. She most certainly knows how to find me, but I suspect she will put her head in the sand as is her standard operating procedure.

Alex Gygax is more than welcome to communicate with me. I met him on Saturday night at the hotel bar (I am fairly sure he did not initially know who I was and if he did, avoid playing poker with him ;) Alex seems genuinely interested in the Gygax Memorial and the Gygax Memorial Fund and ensuring it bears fruit. At the very least, he should be taking over communications for the Fund, as he seems to have both the energy and the interest to do so effectively.

Questions that are left unanswered often breed their own answers. This issue could be easily put to bed if Gail were to open the books. I'd be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to view said records and be able to say "all the monies are accounted for" or "there is a discrepancy" with no further details divulged. I don't think such a legal step is necessary, but with lack of public disclosure being the Fund's standard operating procedure, I figured I'd offer a potential solution to finding the truth the community so desperately desires.

As I've stated before, the Fund and the Trust are two entirely separate entities. I'll do a follow up post to explain this in full, but for now, remember the Fund is just the Memorial, not the IP.


  1. (Original post removed because, after re-reading, the tone was easy to misread)

    The money disappearing from the fund seems wholly out of character. The last we saw the money hadn't seemed to have been invested in anything and looked to be sitting in a non-interest bearing account (2015 tax return). So keep in mind that, if the money has finally been invested to bring in dividends that the bank accounts would certainly seem to be much lower. The market hasn't been so volatile that I'd believe that the money would have been invested and lost and this is just *if* the money is no longer where it was.

    I honestly do not believe that anyone involved with the fund simply drained the funds. That seems, to me, wholly out of character and this is coming from a pretty big skeptic about the fund's ability to move forward. The whole thing, on the surface, appears to have stagnated with no money coming in.

    I agree though, Alex would be a great spokesperson for the fund. He's active, wants to get the project done, and isn't going to take any BS from anyone on either side. He might be exactly what is needed to drive the project to its conclusion.

  2. I want to know what's going on. My money is tied up in this as well and it's a damn shame if there's something shady going on.

  3. Since One Bookshelf is using the premium edition pdfs, you would think sales from those still go into the fund.

    Also, how about a kickstarter for it, timed with say the release, of the "Ready Player One", movie? Maybe, offer another one or two restored/updated/upgraded 1e and or 2e modules as well.

    1. 2e is post Gary, so that isn't going to happen.

      As for the OBS PDFs, I don't think they are funneling monies to the Fund at all, but I could be mistaken. I may need to reach out to OBS for clarification.

    2. @Ricky Kickstarter could be used to fund building the actual memorial statue or whatever, but they cannot be used directly to fund raise for a charity. There has to be a project, not just a charity cause.

  4. Was there ever a follow-up on this?


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