Monday, March 27, 2017

Home From Gary Con - The Good Lord Works in Mysterious Ways - Or Was it Just Fate?

So, I left Lake Geneva this morning. Over breakfast I noticed my flight was going to be delayed a half hour, so when Uber arrived and asked if I wanted the scenic tour for a 5 minute longer trip, I said yes. My driver was a retired pilot from SouthWest Airlines - very interesting trip.

I get to the airport and breeze through security. Get to my gate, and notice my plane is now running an hour late. Sigh.

Here an announcement that seemed to indicate my flight was changing gates. "What a PITA!"

Get to the new gate and I was wrong. Its the previous flight to NYC, also delayed, with seats available. They were rebooking people to the flight that was leaving NOW! Woot!

Get on the plane, find my seat and sit down next to a young woman who asked me "Did you enjoy the Con?"

Yep. I had to go to Gary Con, have my flight delayed and my departure moved up, to find an RPG player from Brooklyn that also reads The Tavern. Not even star struck - I have +Harley Stroh for that ;)

Needless to say the flight was over before I knew it. Gave out seven copies of Swords & Wizardry Light as we disembarked. Rach and I should be gaming in a few weeks in Brooklyn at the Hinterlands Bar.

See, +Bill Webb ? I even evangelize 15,000 feet in the air ;)


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