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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kickstarter - MapForge – battlemap creation software for tabletop RPGs

I've been following BattleGrounds Games for a long time. They are developers of one of the first Virtual Table Tops I played with, and even though I've settled on Roll 20 for simple ease of use, BattleGrounds was something I kept an eye on.

When I found out that BattleGrounds Games was working on mapping software for RPGs, I was excited. When I got a sneak peek at the Kickstarter page, I was even more so. MapForge reminds me of Dunjinni, but done right and with support.

The Mapforge Kickstarter launched over the weekend with a goal of $9k - its already surpassed $13k.

BattleGrounds Games has always been responsive to my inquiries for support over the years and I expect nothing less from their current Kickstarter.

Here's my one question - any chance of on of the content creators of the map graphics to license their work for commercial publishing? Inquiring minds want to know - and that could be HUGE for some smaller publishers ;)

Anyhow, its $25 to back - but only 40 or so spots left before it goes up to $27. In either case, a huge bargain.

You can increase your pledge for specific art resources - I might pick up a pack or two. Yes, I backed at $25 for now.


  1. Thank you for posting/blogging about this, Tenkar! And for being a backer!

    I just posted Update#1 today, in which I talk a bit about the commercial publishing rights issue. Link to it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/battlegrounds/mapforge-battlemap-creation-software-for-tabletop/posts/1812615

  2. I'm blaming this on you, Tenkar. My wife will give us both the side-eye now. (I back way too many Kickstarters as it is, but I'm a sucker for mapping software. I did deflect blame to Zach last night for the new Western Kickstarter too...)

  3. Also, since the current content creators aren't allowing commercial use of their content, it's a prime opportunity for an enterprising artist to step up and offer a "commercial-use-OK" Add-On. They'd probably make a killing.

    1. This is a shame. I'd pay $$$ for a commercial content pack like what Campaign Cartographer does with all their sets.

    2. Of Steve Gaudreau add-ons
      "(all these Add-Ons will also be available for commercial use, for a higher price)"

    3. With the recent addition of Bogie's and Kepli's Add-Ons, there are now 6 paid for Add-Ons that allow for publishing or commercial use, and there is a new Pledge Level that offers them all in a slightly-discounted bundle. And an additional 3 free Add-Ons that allows this, for a total of 9 Add-Ons.

  4. Update: All Stretch Goals have been unlocked! With a total of 9 free Add-Ons, support for randomly-generated maps, and a free utility app that allows users to create their own free Add-Ons, this campaign should now be more tempting than ever. Currently at 1350 backers and nearly 500% funding.


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