Thursday, December 29, 2016

First Tavern Chat Livestream - Tomorrow - 730 PM Eastern

Tomorrow night at 730 PM Eastern, give or take, +Zach Glazar and I will be kicking of the first of the semi regular Tavern Chat Livestream sessions. Oh yes, live interaction. You can ask questions. We may even supply answers. Possibly even puppets.

Now, being it will be the first, I'm sure there will be many firsts, as in screw ups. Please, be patient with us.

It will be available via a Youtube Hangout link. I'll post it tomorrow when we have the link. If you miss the live chat, you'll be able to catch it at a later time.


  1. Heckling to commence in 3...2...1...

  2. All the best to your new venture, Erik, Zach, & company! I hope to join in but I'll be at my family's Pollyanna Party tomorrow evening, so I'll most likely have to catch the rerun.

  3. So is this a "Live" thing on Facebook? If I can catch it live to Kender taunt... er, I mean cheer on, then I wanted to figure out how to do that. :)

  4. Oooooooh, YouTube Hangout. I'm thinking that's a thing. Ok, I got time to figure that out to support a fellow New Yorker (though I haven't lived in NY for over a decade ;)

  5. yeah, youtube initially - will probably move to FB once FB allows multiple hosts

  6. Didn't know YouTube did the Hangout thing. This social worker learns something new every day!


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