Monday, December 26, 2016

James Spahn is Introducing a New OSR Tradition - OSR Box Set Day

From the Halfling's Luck Blog:
Today is December 26th, known in many nations as Boxing Day. Today, I'm starting a new tradition in the OSR gaming community. With that I wish you a happy... 
That's right, Box Set Day. How does one celebrate Box Set Day? Well for me, that means giving away an RPG Box Set. This won't necessarily be an OSR game, but it will always be an RPG Box Set. So, this year I'm giving away a complete Pathfinder Beginner Box. While I'm not a fan of Pathfinder's endless supplement glut, the core game is a great RPG and the Beginner Box has more than enough to keep a campaign going for quite some time. Rule book, adventure, color cardstock minis, maps, four pre-gen characters with rules for taking them to 5th level, and a set of dice. It's very open-and-play. 
This Pathfinder Beginner Box is VERY SLIGHTLY used. I took the shrink off, looking through the contents, and then shelved it. It can be yours, but you have to comment today, December 26th, and tell me your favorite RPG box set. I'll select a winner on the 27th. The contest is open to all US residents, and it will be shipped media mail.
Now, obviously you don't enter here but over at +James Spahn 's Halfling's Luck Blog.

For me, the Pathfinder Beginner Box is very special, and not just because it showed me for the first time that Pathfinder was actually playable without a laptop and spreadsheets. My review of the Pathfinder Beginner Box went viral, and was my most trafficked post for years.

Later today or tomorrow I'll post the Huge Grab Bag post, closing out OSR Christmas for 2016 ;)


  1. Favorite box rpg set would have to be Gamma World

  2. @James is correct Gamma World box set(s) are still my favorites!

  3. Moldvay Basic is my first and favorite boxed set, as it introduced me to the hobby.

  4. My favorite is Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars Boxed Set, by West End Games!


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