Monday, December 12, 2016

12 Days of OSR Christmas Starts Tomorrow - How Will it Run This Year?

This December has been overwhelming thus far on the personal side of things. Nothing huge, just lots of little moving parts that I probably wouldn't have been involved in when I was working. Yes, work is an amazing excuse to put aside or ignore certain family responsibilities ;)

Anyhow, OSR Christmas kicks off tomorrow, December 13th and will run for at least 12 Days consecutively, December 24th. I suspect there may be some bonus days between Christmas and New Years.

Here's how we are handling it this year:

- Each day of OSR Christmas I will be giving away RPGNow Credit equal to the price of an OSR product of my choosing that is available Print on Demand. You are not required to purchase said item in Print nor PDF, and shipping will be handled by the gift recipient. Overseas may prefer to use said credit for PDF purchases depending on the shipping costs.

- Publishers / Bloggers / Podcasts / Friends of The Tavern, are encouraged to run their own giveaways and / or sales for OSR Christmas. I will post and link to every OSR Christmas Giveaway / Sale that is brought to my attention, and will repeat the information for each day such Giveaway / Sale is in effect. How each giveaway is handled is to be determined by the gift giver. It may require commenting on a blog post, forum post, G+ post, Facebook post - such info will be included in the posting "here" that will send you "there"

- A very small handful of publishers have arranged for me to host their giveaways. This is an exception to the above rule. I have no intention to be a clearinghouse like I've done in the past, as that leads to madness (and lost packages - both in the mail and in my house - I kid you not)

- I intend to offer a Santa's Grab Bag on December 24th. It will include a shitload of stuff. It will only ship within the states. Yes, the US Postal Service hates every other country in the world.

- OSR Christmas posts for The Tavern Giveaways will usually go live in the AM. Posts for other Publishers / Blogs / Podcasts / Friends of The Tavern will generally go live in the afternoon.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Nooooooo... More stuff to buy damn you Erik lol

  2. Santa's Grab Bag on Dec 24th! Oh yeah!!

  3. Jingle bells jingle bells let santa bribg me a Dragonlancee for Christmas!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yay! Grab bags! Love me some sales opportunity!

  6. Wait...is that a metric shitload or an imperial shitload? There's a difference...

  7. roses are red violets are blueish, if it weren't for Christmas we would all be Jewish

  8. Oooo! Just in time for the annual fight between the Holly King and the Oak King! Hoping that Odinn (Santa) brings me some fun grab-bag goodies! I may even leave out some milk and cookies for Tim Connolly (or maybe mead and cookies?).


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