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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snowy Sunday Reading - The Brain Gorger's Appetite - 5e

Well, its not a lot of snow, its more of a dusting. It also hasn't been as much reading as I had hoped for - cleaning, measuring for new storage shelves for my game collection, multiple loads of wash, a Jets / SF game that went into overtime - before I knew it the day was nearly gone.

I did, however, squeeze some time into do something I rarely do with a gaming release - start reading it from the front on the way to end (I tend to bounce around). I don't have a choice this time - the adventure in question is a mystery, and although as the GM you know the mystery, you need to read it carefully so you play the mystery out properly for the players.

The highest compliment I can give The Brain Gorger's Appetite is this - I haven't skipped a word in my reading yet. The story is good, the mystery is solid and I want to be sure I have all the bases covered if I decide to run it. I also want to see if there are any holes in the story - I haven't found any yet and I suspect I won't.

Expect a full review in a day or so, assuming life cooperates. The family has three birthdays this week, my mother, my sis and my niece, pinky - as well as the pub's Christmas party, my twice a month face to face AD&D 1e group and a trip to assisted living with my mother's cousin to see if it meets her approval. Oh, and general Christmas prep. Full plate this week ;)


  1. Where can we acquire a copy of this adventure?

  2. It was the Gamehole Con module and I agree that it is quite good. I didn't see it in the store website but I'd start checking there

  3. Umm... and what store might that be? My Google fu skills were for once inadequate... :-/


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