Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kickstarter - The Black Hack (OSR Ruleset)

I've had a busy week, as you can gather from the posting frequency (or lack there of) here at The Tavern.

I've been trying to put together a post that details - without going into too much detail, how The Black Hackack differs from other OSR style rulesets. From my personal impression, I think it would play out amazingly well in a convention or pick up game type of set up, as it looks to play fast and deadly. Still, putting the how and why into a coherent post hasn't been easy (possibly because putting together a coherent post at all hasn't been easy - heh).

So, what do I see in my email?

This nice little summary (and example of the layout of The Black Hack):

So, what can I expand upon?

Usage Die - awesome concept for consumables. Stop counting arrows. A quiver starts at a 1d10 and goes down from there. It may last 4 shots or 20 or more. I like it. It's used for rations, holy waster, oil, herbs, torches, wineskins - the consumables.

Out of Action - I'm yoking this flat out

Advantage & Disadvantage - borrowed from 5e but I'll allow it

Armor Points - feels like Tunnels & Trolls and I like it

I'm very happy to be in for multiple copies :)

Oh, yeah, the PDF is done. I have a copy. If I can get a playtest done before the Kickstarter funding runs it's course, I will but don't count on it. Work seems to be getting busier just as I'm running up to my retirement date. Go figure.

(The Black Hack, not The Black Hand. Warning, posting while your dog is incessantly barking for you to go to bed is dangerous ;)


  1. Advantage and disadvantage is just now a part of the landscape. It'll be forgotten for the vast majority that it came from somewhere in ten years, just like rolling for damage is now seen as "always having existed." I see it pretty much the same as you do here: if it makes sense, use it.

    I'm glad to see some details... I looked over the KS when it started, and didn't see much meat to consider. Thanks for the post.

    1. The advantage/disadvantage mechanic is surprisingly simple and when used, makes huge differences in gameplay. I'm a fan of ALL versions, but in the 5e world, A/D changes an encounter from easy to deadly (or vice-versa).

      As for the KS thread here, I've purchased multiple items from Peter and have always been happy with what I received. Always quality stuff.

  2. Replies
    1. yeah, big oops

      dog was literally barking at me to go to bed and the graphic IS a black hand ;)

  3. Its funny you mention you thinking this would well run at cons, thats precisely the crucible where Beta tested it, ran Stonehell 10 minutes after purchasing it and it went down a storm!

    1. Oh and thanks for running the story - a true gent!

  4. This looks like it's bringing in a few of the bits from Numenera that I have really grown to like: initiative system and only-players-roll.

    1. i had no idea Numenera does initiative like this!


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