Monday, February 8, 2016

Free Time isn't so Free (and other time sinks)

It's not a huge secret that I'm nearing my service retirement. Twenty years in law enforcement isn't quite the same as many other professions - my mother wanted me to have an "office job" out of college ;)

I've accumulated a large amount of time off over the last year or two and I've been slowly using it to ease myself into "non active status" at the end of March which will lead to actual retirement this summer. Damn quick twenty years on one level, slow as all hell last year on so many others.

You would think having some three day and four day weekends would lead to more productivity on the posting and game writing side and it has in short bursts, but overall it hasn't, as my 5 y/o niece has decided that uncle being off for long weekends means more time for sleepovers and "Uncle / Pinkie" time. She's already told me that when I retire, Uncle / Pinkie day will be on Fridays - pick her up from her parents', lunch at the pub, walk the dog at the park, watch some Spongebob, make a fort out of the bed, wait for auntie to come home from work, sleepover and take her home Saturday afternoon. Yes, all that in one breath and without writing down a list.

She was over yesterday and decided to make it a sleepover. Tomorrow into Wednesday? You guessed it. Another sleepover. Thank God her mother is a published writer and Shannon understands the process. She just doesn't understand it as it applies to Uncle.

I'm in trouble.

If we've spoken and I owe you something, I'm working on it as time (and work and niece) allows. The next two things I want to get short reviews / overviews up for are +James Spahn 's The Hero's Journey and The Black Hack (I'm in possession of the PDF from the current Kickstarter)

Ah well, back to work tonight...


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