Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Join Vince, Tim Brannan and Myself on the Latest Episode of the Roll For Initiative Podcast!

Hey! I was on the Roll For Initiative Podcast! (follow the link to download the episode)

If I have to say so myself, I think this was an excellent episode ;)

(details are as follows - ripped for the RFI website)

Join Vince this week as he is joined by two special guests from the gaming community to chat about the various topics that are seen on Facebook and talked about in the gaming community.

Special Guests:

Timothy Brannan, writer and blogger of the Otherside blog
Erik Tenkar, Blogger of Tenkar’s Tavern.


Dungeon Mastering?
– Is charging for seats in a local game (none conventions) fair or just greedy?
– charging to teach newbies how to play and be a DM?

– playing a simple AD during a podcast is enough, but asking and throwing in plugs more then once is that over doing it?
– Are Kickstarters hurting the hobby or helping?

Buying Books?
– Amazon vs Local Store

Forums vs Social media platforms?
– Which is more helpful vs less informative
– Which encourages more interaction and thoughtful comments?

(and White Star - there must be White Star)


  1. You guys are way too kind to both Barrel Rider Games and White Star. Thanks for the love.


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