Friday, February 12, 2016

Adding Mythmere Games to the Tabs Above (and other "Old School" News)

It's about time for me to add Mythmere Games to the tabs above. For those that might not have realized it, I'm a HUGE Swords & Wizardry fan. If you are looking for the S&W Core rules or White Box rules in PDF this is the place to snag them for free. Heck, White Box can even be found in RTF format, so you can edit and house rule to your heart's content. How cool is that?

Now, +Matt Finch has put out a "call to arms" to old school publishers and purveyors of stock art in the NTRPG Con Community on Facebook. I'm just adding my voice to the frequency to get the message out. Message Matt via Facebook or G+ if you're interested. As he says, it will be a confidential conversation.

Don't ask me details...


  1. Which version of S&W do you like best and why? White Box, Core, or Complete?

  2. The prospect of Matt producing a new edition of S&W core or White Box has me very intrigued.


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