Sunday, December 6, 2015

State of the Tavern - Long Hours, Shorter Work Weeks and Non-Work Productivity

Adding some inspiration ;)

I see I just had 10 posts last week. For some, they would be a huge number. For me, that's tied for my lowest weekly post total in the past year plus. The other weeks are 10/19 - 10/26/14 (10) and 08/23 - 08/30/15 (10). I'm sure +Charles Akins has the stats for my posting decrease for the last half of 2015 compared to the last half of 2014.

The new work hours (overnights) are a huge cause of that decrease. It's just hard to be productive when you work from 930pm to 6am (not counting overtime) and sleep from 7am until whenever (plus naps - I LOVE naps these days.)

So, I'm going to attempt to be more productive during my non-working days off. How am I going to do that? Instead of holding off and running all my time come mid March, I am going to do a four day weekend every other week until the end of March or early April - and then run the remaining time off to carry me over to retirement. It delays when I actually stop working but allows me to regain some sanity in the meantime.

I'm designating Fridays for productive time, as I owe my blog readers and my Patreon backers gaming content. Friday is the only day in the week that is completely my own. Well, except for Christmas and New Years coming up, which the family are going to grab, but I'm off Christmas week so I'll designate an earlier day in the week for creative time.

Besides, I grabbed a new collection of stock art (fatgoblingames.com). Uploading it to my phone for inspiration during the down time at work. 1 am until 5 am gets pretty quiet ;)


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