Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kickstarter - Foot Soldiers P&P RPG

I really like this piece of art. It has a nice feel of action and movement and does a great job of showcasing the chaos of the battlefield. The amount of red used certainly makes one think of blood. Heck, I'd like to use this piece as my screen's wallpaper. They certain picked a nice piece of art to showcase the Foot Soldiers P&P RPG.

It's just that something seems missing. Let me try to put my finger on it...

Ah! Yes, that's what's missing. Foot Soldiers.

If you can't show at least one foot soldier in the art that you're using to showcase a game called Foot Soldiers, you're doing something wrong.

Well, that or you're telling your audience that foot soldiers just aren't all that exciting.

Here's a bit abut the gameplay. Not my cup of tea, as it seems to infer way to much to track in game for my taste, but it may appeal to others:
In Foot Soldiers, you are not what we consider "the hero." Characters in Foot Soldiers have no plot armor. Every violent encounter is a brush with death. A weapon is a weapon, intended to maim and kill, and even the unskilled can deal serious damage to an unlucky foe. 
Foot Soldiers models locational damage, which means that every hit lands on a body part. Its location chart is based on a bell curve, meaning most unaimed hits will land on the torso, followed by the waist and head, with arms and legs being less likely, and a hit to the foot or hand being the least likely of all. However, in real combat, both opponents look for an opening wherever available, and will not hesitate to strike an extremity if it may be done without counter-attack. 
Foot Soldiers also models bleeding, limb crippling, and dismemberment. It is a real possibility that your character may be disfigured or killed every time he or she enters combat. Medieval fighters played with live weapons, and armor was sparse. Not every injury will be a permanent one, and your characters will likely rack up more scars than missing limbs (after all, emotional investment in a character is difficult to justify if they could die at a moment's notice), but Foot Soldiers simulates the real fear of violence and encourages players to avoid combat where possible. 
When played with a grid, proper positioning, tactical planning, and decision-making are vital to survival. The depth of the combat system allows for real teamwork and ensures that no one build is too overpowered. The acquisition of better equipment, skills, and knacks will result in a noticeable improvement in combat prowess. 
Of course, physical violence is not the only threat to your life. The English landscape is harsh, and characters will need to ensure that they have enough to eat and drink, and a warm place to sleep at night, both of which cost money. Traveling too much without equipment is rough, and characters must ensure they dress appropriately, which also costs money.
If nothing else I'll be using the art above on a personal level.


  1. So a game called Foot Soldiers, which requires a grid, minis and multiple hit tables to play, will "encourages players to avoid combat where possible."
    Sounds riveting.

  2. Horse Soldiers RPG coming to a Kickstarter near you.

  3. I think if you look real close you can see the Footsoldiers *under* the horsemen. Of course, this makes the horsemen impossibly huge, perhaps they are supposed to be deities watching over the battlefield or something. Cool pic, though. For a real chuckle, see what the author wrote for the single $1000 backer level offered.

  4. "...emotional investment in a character is difficult to justify if they could die at a moment's notice..."

    Glad to know this game has been safety-padded for your convenience.

    1. But they "have no plot armor. Every violent encounter is a brush with death."

      Only... they do?

  5. I think the foot soldiers are the murky field of blood, viscera and body parts the cavalry is riding over. If you look closely, it does look like there are limbs, helms and rib cages sticking out of the red.

    I admit, this Kickstarter really intrigues me. However, the lack of a physical product pushes me to simply wait, see if it gets made, and buy the final product on a dtr sale some time down the road, or see if he offers POD after release.


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