Monday, September 7, 2015

Wayward Kickstarter - Odin's Ravens - Where a Refund Offer is More Like an FU Moment

I never backed this, so it wasn't on my radar until this update. After reading the above, I have a few comments:

- If you backed the Odin's Ravens Kickstarter you aren't getting a free copy if you pay shipping - you are paying shipping to get the copy you previously backed for.

- I'm happy the backers (and the actual game designer) have found an alternate game publisher

- 2 1/2 years of silence since Odin's Ravens funded. That's more than flaking out. That's more than mental problems. That's a fucking scam and a half.

- But he is offering refunds, so I guess all of the money wasn't spent on hookers and blow.

- I stand corrected. Refund offers that by design can't be completed and a project creator that can no longer be contacted, thus, no refunds.

Well played!


  1. Cases like this are less concerning then the fact that Kickstarter itself seems only too happy to completely ignore them.

  2. Still and all, I have to say Osprey is doing right by the backers. They didn't have to offer anything, and asking for shipping only is pretty magnanimous, from their point of view.

    1. Yeah, but for every decent person out there . . .

      Kickstarter, or Vegas? I really don't see much difference.

    2. As something of an antidote to this story, and in stark contrast, today Jeff Talanian delivered the PDF's from the AS&SH adventure Kickstarter that funded on June 16 (of THIS year - Gareth Skarka take note) with print copies on the way soon. Not everyone who runs a KS is an incompetent idiot or a flimflam man. Granted, too many of them are...

    3. Here here, there are some good ones out there, know how serious the team is behind it and then expect delays ;-) There are some pros out there that know how to do a good kickstarter. But there are a surprising number of cowboys, out-right con artists and slackers....

      Having said that I am super-excited to get the print copies of these AS&SH adventures, I really like the system and world ambiance....


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