Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wayward Kickstarters - Myth & Magic Player's and Gamemaster's Guides - A Pair of Pink Elephants?

It's been a while since I posted about Tom and the Mythical Magical Mystery known as Myth & Magic. It's actually two Kickstarters - one for the Player's Guide (which i backed) and one for the Gamemaster's Guide (which i didn't back - so, no access to updates on that side.)

So, what's new? Here's part of the Feb 4th, 2015 update (hot on the heels of the April 2014 update.)

Now, I know the guys at NTRPG Con got one copy shipped to them just prior to the 2014 Con that June. The problem is they paid for four copies. As of June 2015 the rest of their copies still hadn't shown.

But hey, we know the copies exist, right? We have a picture of the book from March 4th, 2013 and I actually received my copy (after Tom posted my shipping info in the Kickstarter comments section - bad Tom, very bad) and it didn't come with the expected anthrax or cat piss. It's actually a nice looking book that's well laid and would probably be a fun clone to play if it didn't come with all of the attached drama.

Folks are still waiting on their copies over two years later.

Now, there's an interesting tidbit in the comments section of the Player's Guide referencing the latest update for the Gamemaster's Guide (where Tom couldn't find the time to make an update for nearly 15 months, but graced the backers with the latest news on July 16th of this year.)

So, you know those unsent copies of the Player's Guide? Looks like they don't exist. If cost is a factor, why are you rolling it all into one book if you have printed copies of the PG left to send to backers? It doesn't make sense. Well, unless your initial print run was just enough to shut folks up. Makes sense why backers of multiple copies just got one copy delivered - there literally weren't enough copies to go around. I guess my hardcover copy is a collector's item now ;)

BTW, you can grab a copy of the M&M Player's Guide for $9.99 in softcover at Lulu.


  1. Always amusing when these guys say it's "pointless" to update their backers. Always seems to be a cover for "I ain't done squat but don't want to admit it yet."

  2. The point is to update backers on progress, or lack thereof. Refusing to do so is just simply hiding, or ignoring, the backers.

  3. Beside the Drama, i am wondering what in todays are still collectors items.

  4. I actually got all my rewards from the PHB kickstarter, but nothing from the DMG of course.

  5. NTRPG con: We were actually supposed to get five Players copies and five Gamemaster copies...we got the five Player copies and three of the Gamemaster copies, which I guess makes us quite lucky compared to some. The worst part was all the extras (creat a deity, spell, magic item, new artwork, etc) that we never got nor will ever get.

  6. I wonder if Tom will send a update before Thursday. February 4th being his last on the PHB KS.

  7. Another year about to come to a close but still no close in this Kickstarter. You can now report a project for "Post funding issues " . I wonder if that will do anything.... Guess that would be of some uss for Whitman projects as well. Do they (Tom & Ken) think we will ever forget they stole from us?


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