Saturday, August 29, 2015

Far Away Land strikes it's Own Claim - New FAL Store With Lower Prices

Most of you know how I feel about Far Away Land. It's the one game I'm able to comfortably run that doesn't have heavy roots in the OSR (it does, however, have deep roots in the OSR which shows itself at different points.)

The one complaint I've heard is the price of the books in PDF, especially the Tome of Awesome, which is really 4 books in one (not the monthly adventure releases, which have been PWYW as well as high quality.

Now Dirk is no longer just using RPGNow to sell his products and the new FAL store comes with lower prices.

At the moment, the new store is just selling digital versions but print is in the works.

Some price comparisons:

Far Away Land Core Rules -              RPGNow PDF $8     FAL Store PDF $5

Far Away Land Tome of Awesome - RPGNow PDF $25   FAL Store PDF $15

If you haven't checked out Far Away Land, now is the time to do so.

Of course, you can always sample the free FAL Quickstart first.


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