Monday, August 24, 2015

Kickstarter - Carolina Game Tables

I've seen many game tables come and go, but the Carolina Game Table is the first one that I could see myself actually owning. Why? Because it serves as both a game table and a dining room table and looks classy both ways.

It's not a cheap table at $1500, but quality dining room tables aren't cheap. I've already convinced Rachel that if my son moves out (like every 22 year old threatens to do) we are ordering this table. For now it is too big for the available space we have.

Did I mention Clint Black is behind this? Yep, the same man whose name you see attached to many Save Worlds projects. Apparently his family is in the furniture business.

From the page:
You might know us already—Clint and Jodi Black—from our work with Savage Worlds and Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Clint and his family have made furniture for three generations in Hickory, NC, furniture capital of the world. We think we're uniquely qualified to bring you a classic looking table suitable for everyday dining and Game Night. 
We've designed the Carolina Game Table for roleplaying games, board games, and puzzle enthusiasts.  
There is a wide edge for leaning on (or placing a character sheet, game tokens, or puzzle pieces) with most of the play area in easy reach. The 32" x 50" play area is 3 inches deep and covered in burgundy cloth. 
The overall table is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, and designed to seat six people comfortably. 
The classically styled table looks and works like any dining room table. The table top fits securely over the play area, covering it and extending to the table's edge.  There are no gaps or spaces, so spills and crumbs don't end up in your play area.  
The finish is called "French Couture" and is a nice medium brown finish falling between light and dark wood stains to be complementary with both. The finish also has red undertones so it pairs well with cherry or mahogany hues as well. We want it to look good with your existing furniture, no matter what shade you have. 


  1. Hickory is a good sign. They really do make furniture there. I used to live nearby in Charlotte.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Erik! Y'all let me know if we can answer any questions for you about our game table. Clint's family has been in furniture for three generations, so we are working our inner furniture geek for your...geek. :)

    --Jodi for CGT

  3. Hi! Thanks again for sharing the news about our Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter. Just a quick update: the website launched today! Now anyone can have a Game Table for Real Life. :)

    We also have a new table design: Tablezilla!

    Please visit www.carolinagametables.com, let us know what you think, and share the word.

    Thanks again,



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