Friday, June 19, 2015

Free OSR RPG - Iron Falcon (It's Free RPG Day Eve)

As is my usual, I try to find some free RPGs in PDF to highlight for folks that don't have a FLGS participating in Free RPG Day. Or maybe you're like me and just not all that impressed with this years offerings.

Tonight I'm highlighting Iron Falcon by none other than +Chris Gonnerman (of Basic Fantasy RPG Fame)

What is Iron Falcon?
The earliest fantasy campaigns grew directly out of wargames. There was a point in the development of the first commercial role-playing game when the rules shed most of their wargame roots and assumed a form familiar to generations of players to come. Iron Falcon aims to be that game, reproducing its mechanics and style in all its raw and innovative glory, as it was before the advent of more "advanced" rules.
The rules are free in PDF and damn inexpensive in print.

My copy arrives from Amazon on Sunday ;)


  1. It's a very solid rule set. I like my systems closer to 1e than to 0e, but this is a comprehensive, clear snapshot of the 0e rules at a very specific developmental stage. Well worth a look and amply deserving of a purchase.

  2. This ruleset gets down to the essence of 0e circa 1975 without the Chainmail baggage. Once you go past the Greyhawk supplement, one might as well head straight to 1e. I concur that this is well worth a look and maybe represents the last word on this subject.

    Comprehensive, concise, and well-written.

  3. Good job bringing this to my attention. Thank you.


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