Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank You All for Keeping it Civil - Yesterday Was a Busy Day at The Tavern

Two posts yesterday.

Fifty-four comments on those posts thus far, including twenty-nine on the polarizing "OGL and Fair Use" rant.

You've all kept it civil.

I really appreciate it.

With the exception of the occasional piece of spam that slips through, I moderate a handful of comments a year, if that. This year, I've had to moderate exactly zero.

Without you, readers and commenters and guest posters, there would be no Tavern.

On that note, a piece of entertaining spam:
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  1. But can he remove a geas? It's like he had no idea what sorts of problems the OSR community really deal with!

  2. Why do you assume that's spam and not heartfelt advice? How un-PC of you to discount the assertion that olumba magic is real.

  3. Just the other day I found this wonderful website that allows you to spam the spammers. :) I've been using it like crazy. My silly boss almost fell for a scam, so that's how I cam across it. http://revengespam.com/

  4. So, the fact that number 13 exists after already reading number 5 is troubling.

    I imagine the whole thing is recursive if you try to use number 9 after being scammed by one of his other offers.

  5. "If you need you lawn mowed after bounce tractor over goddamned maple root and slamgoboomboom the blade like biker gang runover Mad Max's wife (not in France), call with credit card. Leave mower there it out of gas anyway."


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