Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finally Caught Up Enough to Start Playing Catch Up

Amazing what an excellent convention followed by overtime at work can do to one's posting schedule. I finally feel, a week after returning from NTRPG Con, that I'm in position to start playing catch up ;)

Among the many reviews I need to address, Westward - a western steampunk mashup - is high on the list and is literally sitting on my desk awaiting some love.

There are a handful of vetted Kickstarters I need to highlight.

Can't forget content for White Star and White Box. I've been slacking the first half of June and need to get back to it.

Oh, and can't forget to award gifts for the Post 5k / NTRPG Con celebration.



  1. Westward? Anything to the perennial KS heartbreaker Far West?

  2. You may know some of the artists who worked on Westward ;).

  3. I was like "Whoa Far West actually came out?" then realized I miss read the post. Carry on.


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