Sunday, May 10, 2015

White Star Pocket Setting Survey - Time for Input

This is the plan on how I'll make the presentation of the Pocket settings work.

Each month I plan to present approximately 8 pages of material for a White Star setting. Backers of The Tavern's Patreon will get a quick and dirty PDF of the material, but it will all be available freely on the blog. Every four months or so, it will be put together as an inexpensive PDF on the blog and possibly in print for some of the higher Patreon backers. Depends of feasibility.

This week I'm going to brainstorm some setting ideas. That will be a poll for a week from now more or less.

So, here's are the poll questions more or less:

Do you want an 8 page monthly pocket setting (sector / system / planet / space station every month) that isn't related to the previous month's material?

Do you want a series of monthly material on the same setting for 4 months (32 pages) but at different levels of detail (each month would be either sector / system / planet / space station / intro adventure?)

Easy peasy.

Edit - Poll gets chopped off in Chrome on my mac but looks fine using Chrome on my phone. Anyone else having issues?


  1. Unrelated 8 page monthly pocket settings please.

  2. I think drilling down over 4 or 5 months on the pattern you have there... sector -> system -> planet -> space station -> intro adventure, inheriting from the previous ... then switching to a new pocket setting & drilling down again, would be cool. Anyone worth their salt could mix 'n' match them anyway.

  3. Unrelated, please: that way if last month's didn't do anything for me maybe this month will. Otherwise you've got the possibility of more and more detail on a setting or sector you already don't care for. And if you like it, there's no reason you can't expand upon it on your own.

  4. The first option - however if you have an idea that relates to something you've written previously I think occasional sequel articles would be ok.

  5. No reason to lock yourself in to a specific rotation. I find that saying at the outset "I'm always going to ___" needlessly ties you down, and you're more likely to run out of steam. Just saying you're doing a pocket mod that adds something to the game frees you up to follow the muse that month. It could be three in a row developing a system followed by one that only explores a massive space junked space station. Keep your options open.

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  7. Unrelated. I'm a huge fan of variety. :)

  8. While I liked thw game, I was not impressed by the starship combat system. It also lacked comprehensive rules regarding FTL travel. While I am developing my own star sector I'll also be replacing starship combat with Starmada, Admiralty edition, including its excellent starship construction system.


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