Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ishstarian - New Monster for White Star and Swords & Wizardry White Box

For use with White Star (discount link) and Swords and Wizardry White Box (free download link)


ARMOR CLASS   4 [15]
HIT DICE   5+1
TOTAL HIT BONUS   +5 (+7 / +3)
ATTACKS   Pincers 1d6 (on a roll of 6, add another 1d6) 
SPECIAL move thru earth at 6, attack from surprise 1-4 on a d6, 1st attack is at +2 to hit, subsequent attacks have a -2 penalty to the hit roll
HDE/XP 5/600

Ishtarians burrow through the ground as their preferred manner of movement.  Usually hunting in packs of 3 to 8 (1d6+2) they attack their prey from below. They can sense the vibrations of movement above them and usually surprise their prey. 

Their purple leathery skin is prized in the making of handbags and boots on certain worlds, and will fetch a high price. Leather armor made from their skin sells for 5 times the normal price and offer 1 point of AC protection better than normal leather. It is also quite stylish looking.


  1. I know it's entirely juvenile but I can't get past the Shitstar nearness . . . wasn't there a dishpan monster recently, too?


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