Thursday, May 14, 2015

White Star - Pocket Settings - Sailing Upon the Sea of Black - New Class - High Programmer

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic...

Thus we have High Programmers, humans cybernetically enhanced with matter and energy manipulation protocols that "execute programs" powerful enough to violate the laws of reality as understood by the common man.

High Programmers are the only ones that can work the more advanced technology from the Age of the Imperium. Almost a secret society, High Programmers do not share their knowledge with outsiders, although they will work with outsiders to recover ancient technology.

They use the magic-user class from S&W White Box with the following basic changes:

They start with four programs (spells) of 1st level and learn two new spells with each level of advancement of a programming level they can access. Programs are rarely found otherwise. (i may tweak the list)

They do not need to prepare programs in advance. So long as they have available programming (spell) slots of the appropriate level, they can execute the program.

They can only use primitive weaponry, as the energy fields of high powered technology weaponry disrupts their cybernetic energy field.

The replacement of one eyeball with a cybernetic replacement results in a -2 adjustment on all ranged attacks. In exchange, they can "see" heat signatures within 10'.

(work in progress - but a good idea  on where I see it going as a White Star class)


  1. People use that quote a lot. Has anyone ever supported the statement with evidence?

    Are there any plans for White Star supplements like adventures or settings?

    1. The quote is true and its evidence is inherent. Imagine a purple serpentine figure appears out of nowhere in a ring of yellow light and hands you an ornate stone tablet with glowing runes. When you press a rune, something cool happens. Upon examination you can find no wires, batteries, or anything you recognize at all. The tablet is "sufficiently advanced" technology...indistinguishable from magic to your primitive human mind.

  2. Dude, you should totally make these spells tied to some type of equipment and/or cybernetic implants. Damage to the item or the implant means the effect is gone.


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