Saturday, April 25, 2015

When Kickstarter Goes Bad - Time to Draw Boobs: Vol. II (Suspended)

Yes, that's right. Time to Draw Boobs: Vol. II is SUSPENDED. Much like the boobs being drawn.

Yeah, I'll let that hang for a moment.

Don't tell me. I'm such a boob. I know.

I'm not sure I'd want stretch goals associated with a Boobie themed Kickstarter.

Yes, shit like this is just asking for poor puns. I can't help myself.

Hey, this looks nothing like the nuns in Far Away Land!

I'm not sure I's want this up on Kickstarter, but I've seen more offensive projects. Not offensive sexually, just to my senses. I really wish Kickstarter did more upfront screening.

BTW, much of the Kickstarter page would be considered NSFW by many employers. Maybe that's the line crossed here.


  1. I don't even understand what this is supposed to be. An art book for how to draw breasts and nothing else?

  2. Upfront screening sounds like a precautionary medical procedure...

  3. Drawing b00bz is important. A study in symmetry vs. asymmetry, if you will.

  4. Seems like there would be plenty of grounds to cancel it based on copyright violation, without even getting into the subject matter. He straight up says that he's drawing images of characters from IP that he doesn't own.

  5. Thanks for keeping us abreast of all these Kickstarter developments.

  6. Evidently the position of 'standards and practices' at Kickstarter is not titular.


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