Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Official - Pinnacle will be pubishing Rifts for Savage Worlds - "Savage Rifts" in Time for Christmas

+Sean Patrick Fannon hinted at this overnight, but Pinnacle made the official announcement today:

Rifts is Coming for Savage Worlds! 
News from Pinnacle Entertainment Group 
For Immediate Release--April 21, 2015 
Pinnacle Entertainment Group announced today the development of Rifts for Savage Worlds, their award-winning tabletop roleplaying game system. 
Pinnacle released a mock cover, using art from Palladium’s 2005 Rifts Ultimate Edition with permission. The cover artist for the book was Scott Johnson. 
“We are thrilled to follow up Kevin’s post with this announcement that we do, indeed, have the license to develop Rifts for Savage Worlds,” said Savage Worlds creator Shane Hensley. “We are early in the process, but anticipate having a core rulebook for the setting released in time for Christmas.” 
The Palladium Books Weekly Update--April 19, 2015, written by Kevin Siembieda, recently made mention of a new roleplaying game system for the beloved setting:
“In an effort to truly expand Rifts® across the Megaverse®, in cooperation with Palladium Books, another role-playing game company is currently adapting the Rifts® Earth setting to that company’s RPG system of rules, as well as producing adventure sourcebooks.” 
Rifts is an exciting multi-genre post-apocalypse game that began publishing in 1990. Featuring elements of everything from cyberpunk and fantasy to mecha and mythology, Rifts has always been Siembieda's vision of a game with everything for everyone, tied together with a strong narrative. 
"I'm really excited to see what Rifts will look like in the Savage Worlds system," said Siembieda. "The Savage fans are great folks, and I think Rifts is going to be an amazing amount of fun for them, letting them explore all the possibilities of both the system and the setting." 
Savage Worlds was created by Shane Lacy Hensley. Savage Worlds and the Pinnacle logo are all trademarks of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. For more information, visit www.peginc.com or contact Jodi Black, Marketing Manager for Pinnacle, at PEGJodi@gmail.com. More about Palladium and the Rifts setting can be found on their website here: http://www.palladiumbooks.com/. 


  1. Ayup.

    I am proud to also add to the news that Evil Beagle Games is the official development team for the product line. I'm the Lead Designer & Writer, Ross Watson is the Developer, and Carinn Seabolt is the Editor-in-Chief.

  2. Are we sure there is a 2 between April and 1, 2015? :)

    Seriously, I look forward to this. Love me some Rifts setting. The rules, not so much.

    1. I was about to come in and say that it is a little late for April Fools. Wow. This I did not see ever happening. Siembieda seems to be opening up a little here; I hope it goes well. There's some great stuff that has come out over the years, but my wife and I have always had some trouble finding other people willing to play Palladium. Which is a shame, IMO.

  3. It was neither who I expected or my first choice.

    Doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to it. I'm sure I'll be buying it.

  4. Not a fan of Rifts or Savage Worlds, so whatever. Let me know when Palladium puts out some more stuff for Ninjas & Superspies or Heroes Unlimited.

    1. The internet, where people who have no interest in certain stuff will click on links clearly specified as relating to that stuff just to state they don't like it. :p


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