Monday, April 6, 2015

Tavern Updates - Silent Chats and Purple Cats

Busy days (and nights) here at The Tavern.

I have a shit ton of reviews to get to. Peril on the Purple Planet and Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises for the DCC RPG, Silent Legions (the latest from Sine Nomine), White Box Companion II (Barrel Rider Games) among others. Full plate and then some.

I was going to do my twice a year "playing with firearms" qualification tomorrow night, but the forecast is for rain. So, it's going to be Wednesday night instead (19 years on and 13 years in rank does have it's privileges.) Which means Tavern Chat will have to make do with my absence on April 8th. I'll try to make up for it with an open Hangout via G+ later on this month.

Oh, and still working on two projects. And need to sit down with Rachel as she raids my gaming collection for the big Patreon backers.

Aye. Busy busy ;)

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